5 Tips to SMASHING Your Goals

Are you GREAT at figuring out what you want to do and how you want to do it? But then you lose sight of your goals and eventually just give up on them – maybe without even thinking about it?

Well, we’ve ALL been there and done that. But why keep setting goals, only to never reach them? Keep on reading for the newest “Flab2Fab Five” on how to SMASH your goals!

1. Keep a Reminder.


Whether you decide to run a 5k, eat healthier or go after your dream job – it is SO important to keep a reminder of WHY you want to achieve your goal. One of the exercises I ask my clients to do is to create a goal board for their bedroom, office, kitchen, or even a picture for their cell phone wallpaper. This way, they have a daily visual of what they want and a good reminder that they need to put in the work to achieve it.

Another great aspect to seeing your goals daily is that you are less likely to slack off. When you look at your goals, you remember to keep pushing forward. Let’s say you want to lose 5 lbs and look great in a bikini for your vacation this summer. When you go to grab that treat food, you can look at your board and remember what you want long term rather than the short term gratification your mind might tell you it wants now.

So create a visual and put it everywhere you go!

2. Create a Winning Environment.


Get rid of anything toxic in your life. This could be junk food, electronic distractions, social media, or even toxic individuals. Anything that can keep you from achieving your goal should be eliminated from your daily life. Some people will genuinely want to see you succeed and others won’t. You will have to be strong enough to separate yourself from any and ALL negativity.

This could also be temporary – maybe just for a certain amount of time until your goal is reached.

When I was losing weight, I had to eliminate healthy food (peanut butter, cheese, etc.) that I couldn’t eat responsibly from my diet. Once I got a little self control, I was able to reincorporate it into my diet. Not everything has to be eliminated for good; but when it comes to smashing goals, you gotta do what you gotta do!

Create an environment that is full of positivity and makes you want to work hard. Remember, you are where you live as well as who you surround yourself with.

3. Announce it to Everyone.


Telling people about your goals makes them SO much more real. Plus, people don’t forget what you tell them – it is harder to give up on a goal when someone is cheering you on and holding you accountable. Getting a coach, trainer or partner can really help for accountability as well.

4. Set a Date and Break it Down.


Give yourself a timeline. Sign up for a race, competition, show, whatever it is! Goals can’t be reached if you don’t know how long it will take or where you are going.

Focusing on the overall picture or a date in the future can be overwhelming and make you want to quit. So, instead of focusing on something happening next year or the 50 lbs you aim to lose, try breaking your goal down into smaller, more manageable goals. Take the year long goal and break it down into what you have to do each month, each week and/or each day to become successful. Instead of thinking about having to lose 50 lbs, focus on losing 1-2 lbs each week.

Eventually, those smaller goals add up to smashing the overall goal!

5. Invest in it.

It’s hard to quit when you have a monetary investment in it – am I right?! I for one, HATE to waste money (call me stingy lol).
Another great way to invest in your goals is to reward yourself for achieving the smaller goals. After losing a certain amount of weight or nailing that business presentation, treat yourself! Go get a mani/pedi or have a fab date night with your partner. Do something for YOU! Maybe you have had your eyes on a new pair of running shoes – add a picture of them to your goal board and get them once you reach your goal (big or small)!
So there you have it! Put these tips and tricks into practice and you’ll be SMASHING those goals in no time! 

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